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Protests, July 16th, 2003


Protest:  (As observed by the Race Committee from the Committee Boat)  Boats 4 and 5 were finishing dead downwind on Starboard tack.  Boats 4 and 5 were very close together.  Boat 10 was on Port Tack close behind.  Since Boat 10 was blocking the wind for Boats 4 and 5 it was catching up fast.  However, Boat 10 had no where to go and moved in between Boats 4 and 5 forcing each to take evasive action.  Thus, Boat 10 committed 2 fouls.

Boat 10 elected to do 2 circles (club rules - a circle for each foul) to exonerate itself.  Two circles are 2 jibs and 2 tacks.  Boat 10 failed to complete the second jibe and thus is DSQ.

Proper action in this situation is to recognize the impossible situation that is developing and take action to avoid it ahead of time.

Captain Herb Motley, BHSC

Edited by John G Clark

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