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Boat vs Sail Number

Boat NameSail # Sail #Boat Name
Amazing Grace8 1Natural Gas
Banana Boat 4 2Hot Prospect
Class Action 10 3Lickety Split
French Toast ? 4Banana Boat
Hard Bargain5 5Hard Bargain
Hot Prospect 2 7Outrageous
Lickety Split3 8Amazing Grace
Methyl Ethyl? 10Class Action
Natural Gas1 12Statutory Gripe
Outrageous 7 15Rock Star
Rock Star 15  ?French Toast
Statutory Gripe 12  ?Methyl Ethyl
UnAmerican Express ?  ?UnAmerican Express
Underdog ?  ?Underdog
Last Update 1 July 2003

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Sailing operations: The Private Marina at Rowes Wharf
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