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Protest  - September 12, 2004


Race 4 - 1st Leeward Mark Rounding - Team W (Sail 1) vs. Team F (Sail 12)

As described by Team W.

Team W was on starboard tack between Teams F and Z who were both on starboard as well. Approximately 10 boat lengths boat lengths from the Lee Mark Team F gybes. Team W dips to get inside Team F and Team Z. Team F was on Port and Team W was on Starboard and with an inside overlap as they entered the 2 boat length circle. Team W hails "inside over overlap" but Team F failed to give room in accordance with 18-2(d).

As a result of Team F failing to give room Team W was forced to gybe and miss the mark. This caused Team W to lose at least 3 boats as it had to gybe again to round the mark.

Protest Committee

Protest allowed. Team F is disqualified.
(Protest Committee observed the foul.)

Captain Herb Motley, BHSC

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