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Lesson Learned

Who is ahead?


Consider in the diagram below.  A Port Tack Boat (Mary) is approaching a Starboard Tack Boat and decides to duck behind the Starboard Tack Boat  (James).  Both boats are below the layline.  The question is Who is ahead?

To make the Windward mark James has to make 2 tacks. Mary has to make only 1 tack and more importantly when they meet the next time the Mary will now be on Starboard Tack and James will be on Port Tack.




Technically, James (the Starboard Tack Boat) is closer to the Windward Mark. But if Mary (the Port Tack Boat) properly judges the Layline, the James will have to follow Mary around the Windward Mark.


In other words - Don't be afraid to duck

Written by John Clark.  Any comments? Send me an email

Lesson Learned

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