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Series Scoring Abbreviations and Penalties
AbbreviationDescription Penalty
dncDid not start; did not come to the starting area Teams + 1
dnsDid not start (other than DNC and OCS) Boats + 1
ocsDid not start; on the course side of the starting line at her starting signal and failed to start, or broke rule 30.1 Boats + 1
zpf20% penalty under rule 30.2 manual entry
bfdDisqualification under rule 30.3 manual entry
scoTook a Scoring Penalty under rule 44.3(a) Boats + 1
dnfDid not finish Boats + 1
rafRetired after finishing Boats + 1
dsqDisqualification Boats + 1
dneDisqualification (other than DGM) not excludable under rule 90.3(b) Boats + 1
dgmDisqualification for gross misconduct not excludable under rule 90.3(b) Boats + 1
rdgRedress given manual entry
Local Abbreviations
aveAverage Points manual entry
n/aDo not count this entry as a Team or Boat manual entry


Teams - The number of boats signed up for the series.
Boats - The number of boats on the water in a race.
(i.e. it pays to show up for the race.)

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