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Boston Harbor Island Regatta

The last week in September The Boston Harbor Soling Fleet will participate in the Boston Harbor Island Regatta.
This race is Saturday 28 September. There will be no racing on Sunday 29 September 2013.  The regatta is one long race and it will scored as 4 races.
This regatta is a charity event sponsored by the Island Alliance and each team needs to sign up individually.
Island Alliance
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You are encouraged to sign up early using the Sail Number, Boat Name and Hull Color as to be determined (tbd).  The club will assign boats before the Regatta when we know how many can participate.

Mailing Address: 71 Commercial St #262 Boston, MA 02110
Sailing operations: The Private Marina at Rowes Wharf
Telephone: 617-720-0049 | E-mail:

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