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Boston Harbor Sailing Club Special Rules, Starting Sequence and Scoring System 2012

1. Launch Service on Race evenings With the increase fleet size, getting everyone to the boats in a timely manner can be challenging. We ask that all pickups for racers be at Rowe’s Wharf and not at the Barking Crab. Going over to the Barking Crab just takes more time. The first sets of teams need to start going out by 5:15 for everyone to make the start at 6:00 PM. Also, for more efficiency, it is preferred that complete teams go together to avoid having to make multiple stops per boat. However, if one team member gets down early, then that person can be taken out alone. There is an old club policy that race members get priority between 5:15 and 6:00 PM. Not all cruising members are aware of this so please help the launch driver on this issue.

When coming in, we should have two launches running. Dwayne normally ties up the RC boat and then is taken to the second launch to help bring everyone in in a timely manner. Please have the boats completely put away before signaling the launch you are ready.

2. Getting on and off the Soling’s The narrow deck where the mainsheet cleats are located is not braced on all the boats. We have had to repair cracked decks in this area. Please step onto the boats just behind or forward of the winches. About half the boats now have bracing added.

3. Rigging the boat and getting ready to race Remove and stow the black bungee cord that is holding the spinnaker halyards and topping lift away from the mast. Remove jib from sail bag and bend on forestay. Attach halyard and downhaul. Lead jib sheets through jib leads and tie stopper knots in the end. Do not raise until after the main is raised. Take off the sail cover over and stow forward. Remove sail ties Use main sail ties to tie up crew hiking straps to handles. Remove tiller centering lines and use to tie up skipper hiking straps Ease the main halyard, remove from end of boom and attach to mainsail head Ease main sheet, boom vang, and Cunningham Raise main all the way to the top. Make sure boom gooseneck slides up in boom track Stow main halyard below deck and make sure is clear for quick release Attach Cunningham and tighten main luff. Tighten boom vang. Tighten back stay Ease jib downhaul, raise jib and cleat halyard. Pull jib downhaul to tension jib luff. If jib tack is too low or too high off the deck, ease jib downhaul and adjust halyard tension until correct. Wrap jib sheets loosely around both winches. Stow jib halyard

4. Putting the boat away Pick up pennant on small mooring ball. (Medium and large balls are for larger boats) Tie up with bowline. Drop jib. Drop main on port side of boom. Remove sail ties and tiller centering ties from hiking straps. Take main halyard from head and attach to end of boom. Raise main halyard until boom perpendicular to deck. Tighten main sheet using starboard cleat and traveler control lines to center boom. Throw head of main back over boom up to the second blue line. Roll the main from this blue line. Roll tightly and pull out creases. When complete, tie to down to boom with three sail ties. Attach sail cover by first tying around the mast. Next stretch the sail cover by tying to the end of the boom. Tie up corners and attach clips on bottom. Remove jib and remove jib sheet stopper knots. Attach jib halyard to spinnaker pole eye. Tension the jib halyard. Roll jib tightly from head over boom. Put in jib bag from tack end leaving jib sheets out of the bag. Loop skipper hiking straps over tiller centering lines and attach both to tiller. Tighten both spinnaker twing lines. Take twing line ends, loop around both crew hiking straps and then around jib winches to cleats. Tighten or loosen backstay to medium tension Thread bungee cord through spinnaker pole eye and use to hold spinnaker halyards and topping lift away from mast. Place throwable and life jackets under rear deck. Place jib on center of floor board with sheets after. Coil up spinnaker sheets and mainsheet. Boat should be made “ship shape”

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