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Lesson Learned

Down Wind On Port


Consider in the diagram below. A normal Windward Mark rounding. All boats ahead of the Port Tack Boats coming in on port have right-of-way. The downwind boats are on Starboard Tack can easily ignore the boats coming in on port and concentrate on getting their spinnakers set.



Consider in the diagram below. A Windward Mark rounding with the preferred down wind tack being Port . The down wind boats are now on Port Tack and the boats coming in on Port Tack have right-of-way as the lee boat over the windward Port Tack boats going down wind.  The downwind boats are concentrating on getting their spinnakers set a potentially hazardous situation.



1.  Don't gybe to Port Tack until you are clear of all incoming Port Tack Boats.
2.  Don't get distracted while setting the Spinnaker.
3.  The safest course of action for the close hauled Port Tack boats maybe to keep out of the way and then protest.


Written by John Clark.  Any comments? Send me an email

Lessons Learned

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